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WriteMinded, LLC offers package pricing for customized groupings of marketing tactics that will be combined based on your business needs to increase sales. We will work with you to create a unique web marketing strategy for your business, focusing on your goals and your target market.

Feel free to ask about adding to or deducting from or adding to one of our existing plans to create the right web marketing strategy for your business. It’s our intention to create a custom web marketing strategy that works for your business goals and market. Every plan can be customized to focus on the accounts, profiles and content that is vital to the success of your business.

Full Service Web Marketing Plan

A customized  and comprehensive package including powerful and integrated marketing tactics like Sourcing, Email Marketing,BloggingPPC, SEO, online PR and Social Media Marketing that will get your website found,  build your online brand and increase sales with the Metrics to back it up.

This plan works for companies that have internal staff that can interact collaboratively with us to build a cohesive web marketing strategy, keeping content and marketing goals online and current for the best responses and long-lasting results.

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Working together with you to grow your conversion rates, WriteMinded, LLC will drive the content creation and networking for your online marketing while keeping you apprised of the latest tools in the industry that would be of use to your marketing goals. Monthly metrics will keep us on track and educate us as to how to hone your marketing strategy for ongoing reliable results.

Online Marketing Plan

A trimmed down version of the Full Service package, this marketing strategy offers a lot of punch for the dollar. Blogging, Social Media, Sourcing and PR marketing tactics will drive your organic SEO rank while building your contact base and brand awareness.

Best for start-ups or small companies looking to build off existing marketing efforts, WriteMinded, LLC will take the lead with your web marketing strategy and provide the content and networking you need to build your brand recognition and increase your conversion rates within your target market.

Social Media Setup

Are you working on a small budget, but painfully aware that you need to get a Social Media Marketing Plan in place? This economical option will allow you to get all your profiles and sites professionally designed and the initial contacts/following/networks started for you so when its time to take the reigns, your branding has already begun.

We also offer stand-alone packages for any of our service options to begin at your budget level and grow with your business as you see results.

Mix and match any of the integrated marketing tactics we offer for a truly custom marketing strategy that will get your website found and increase sales.

Increase Sales with Great Content

In every business, time is money. Investing time in marketing your business secures future sales. Get started today! Learn how.

A Marketing Strategy for Every Sized Company

Your marketing strategy needs to fit your business goals, target your prospects, fit your budget and get more leads for your sales team. Its our job to know how to best utilize a marketing budget to increase sales, and we're great at it. Get started!

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