Web Design

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.Think of it as your virtual store-front. It’s intention needs to be obvious to the passer-by, and it needs to have the right message to draw them into your shop. Liken your website home page to a Macy’s store window. It needs to draw attention immediately and make visitors want to walk in the door, or in this case, click through to your website’s interior pages.

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SEO Checklist

So, if your website is your virtual store, how will your prospects and clients find it? Imagine that your website is a new store in New York City, located in an alley with a small sign, right our front. Will your customers, walking down some of the most crowded streets, know where to find you? Unless they have the exact location of your shop, chances are they won’t. Now relate this to your website. If the only way your customers can find you is to already know your url or company name how will you ever expand your client base? Enter search engine optimization.

Our SEO Checklist ensures that your website is built so your clients can find you using organic search, keywords that relate to your industry, services and products. A strong SEO strategy puts your store front in the path of any of your customers when they look for your type of company online.

Web Redesign with Leads in Mind

Does your website fit the criteria above? Once your SEO strategy gets them to your home page, will they be compelled to click through, to learn more about your company, or to buy? If not, its time for a web redesign with leads in mind.

By offering educational content, downloads and offers to connect with your company, and speaking to your target market’s needs, you can engage them and build the trust you need to turn a site visitor into a customer.

Mobile Website Development

No matter your industry, your prospects and customers are mobile. Our web development team is well-versed in mobile marketing integration to empower your website to the benefit of the world’s 5.6 billion mobile target market members. As tablet and smart phone sales continue to skyrocket, websites simply must be mobile ready to garner the best results for their business.

WriteMinded, LLC is poised to provide you with the latest trends in mobile web design, that will also translate to an engaging and powerful design on any PC or laptop. No matter where your customers access your site, they will enjoy the very best web experience for their needs.

Does your website need a  little TLC?

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