Content Marketing Strategy

When it  comes to developing a holistic digital marketing strategy, content includes everything you can see online about your brand, from your website to your social pages to your articles, posts and ads. Content is also the heart of your website build, page optimizations and compliance with current algorithm requirements. 

In order to drive business with your marketing efforts, it is vitally important to understand that if you content is developed and promoted with a strategy that is fine-tuned to need to meet the specific needs of your buyer, it is content for content sake. While volume and consistency of content is still very much a criteria that supports SEO, it’s more important to focus on the quality of your content, how engaging and important it is to your audience, as a primary strategic driver.

To build a strong content marketing strategy, it is important to do market and competitive research, keyword analysis, and industry research to gauge trends and relevant topics to discuss with and engage your prospects and clients to build brand awareness and drive site traction.

If you build content that is relevant to your potential buyer, share it where they live online consistently and show that you are ready to help them with the issue they face, your online brand will reap the benefits, and your business will grow, over time.


The Power of a Content Strategy

Persuasive and effective copywriting is not only the meat of your marketing strategy, it’s the bread and butter that feeds your growing business. When a customer lands on your website, they need to understand, in a few sentences, why they need to hang their hat and take a closer look at your services.

Increasing a customer’s time on your site can be crucial to their making a purchase or calling to set up an appointment. It is your content strategy, focused on the needs of your prospects and customers, that will draw them into your website, and give them reason to act.

A website with engaging content, regularly updated informative and relevant blogs and offers will drive leads and increase sales. That said, how do you get all that great content in front of your target market, on a regular basis?

To take full advantage of your marketability, it’s best to look at all the possible vehicles available to you and your business.

As you probably know, content marketing can not only increase your SEO and ranking. A well defined and executed content also increases your conversion rates, your brand reach and bottom line. In other words, when used effectively, a cross-channel content plan will get more customers for your business.

The problem for many business owners is in the time investment it takes to build, implement and support a multifaceted content marketing plan. From keyword research, buyer persona development, buyer lifecycle tracking, current trends and market drivers takes considerable time and evolves regularly. it takes time and attention to do it right.

Everything Your Need Grow Your Business

WriteMinded Digital Marketing  offers business owners comprehensive support for all their digital marketing needs, including multimedia and cross-channel content marketing plans.

We also understand the importance of integration of digital tactics with traditional marketing efforts.

The data available with digital marketing ensures that your onsite events, print marketing and tradeshow efforts can be tracked to prove their ROI, empowering you to make the best investment choices for future marketing plans.

Want to Drive Leads with Content Marketing?

Relax. WriteMinded Digital Marketing will provide the custom web marketing strategy you need to open the doors to new prospects so you can focus on running your business.


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