How Healthy is Your Digital Brand in this Time of Covid-19?

We know that you’re experiencing the same thing we are – mild panic, a sense of unbalance, a need to make sense of a scenario that simply refuses to assist in that effort. As a business owner, this unprecedented reality sets forth a flurry of questions, concerns and uncertainties for the future.

So many are saying we need to settle into our “new normal”, but that’s too vague for many people to use as a tool to stabilize their business reality.

Evolution Continues – No Matter our Outlook

While we all trying to make sense of the day-to-day right now, business owners are concerned about how to keep their doors open, how to keep in front of customers and prospects when “social-distancing” and curfews make it difficult.

Business – like the show – must go on, virus or no virus. This time of quarantine will end and yes, needs will arise in your target market during this time. With the status quo business model abbreviated for many companies, how can a company keep their client pipeline/sales up in times such as these?

Digital Marketing Finally Seems Critical

Most companies push marketing off as a last resort to fund, especially digital marketing. It’s intangibility and the misunderstanding of how fast-paced, ever-changing and complex the space is to succeed in often leaves business wary or even reluctant to invest in their digital brand.

With local quarantines and curfews in place for many states, in-person business falls to the way side. For service industry companies like advertising agencies, real estate or home and yard contractors, getting to local events to promote their business isn’t an option right now. Add that to the natural decrease in word-of-mouth advertising because people aren’t meeting for coffee, having lunch or getting together together and the effects can be devastating for smaller companies.

How To Keep Your Pipeline Stacked During the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Social Media Advertising: Social media is literally today’s word of mouth. In times when people can’t get together face to face, promoting your brand via social media keeps you in front of your specific target market so you can keep your pipeline full of appointments when this is all over.
  • Google Ads: If you want to reach a broader audience and educate them about your services, a Google Ads campaign is a highly-fluid, targeted way to reach multiple target audiences or promote multiple service-lines at one time.
  • YouTube Videos: Start a video campaign promoting your services and products. 2-3 minute videos focusing on what you bring to the table, how you do it better, and why you’re the right choice for your audience are powerful.
    • Bonus: Load these to your website for a great SEO boost!
  • Digital Video Meetings: If you sell services that can be shipped or shared online, hold your meetings using ZoomInfo, WebEx or Microsoft Teams. You can get the face-to-face feeling for a meeting without sharing actual space.

The physical world may be on pause as we ride out Covid-19. but that’s no reason to abandon your business. Turn your focus to developing your digital marketing program to keep your roster full, so when the world “returns to normal”, you are ready to get back to it at full stride.

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